Thursday, May 17, 2018

Words for Women

We can be so flippant with our words sometimes. We don't take time to think about them, we use words we shouldn't, we use words we don't understand, and we don't follow up with them after they've escaped our mouths.

Welcome to this new type of post called "Words for Women", meant to help us think more about the meanings of words. The purpose is not to be academic, but to give us food for thought to use practically in our everyday lives. Some words, we want to use. Some words, we want to describe us. Some words, we do not want to describe us at all. Since this is the first of its kind, today's words revolve around womanhood and femininity. Let's learn together!

GIRL, n.
 A female child, or young woman. In familiar language, any young unmarried woman.

WOMAN, n. plu. women.
The female of the human race, grown to adult years.
And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from the man, made he a woman. Gen 2.

I have observed among all nations that the women ornament themselves more than the men; that wherever found, they are the same kind, civil, obliging, humane, tender beings, inclined to be cheerful, timorous and modest.

LADY, n.
1. A woman of distinction. Originally, the title of lady was given to the daughters of earls and others in high rank, but by custom, the title belongs to any woman of genteel education.

2. A word of complaisance; used of women.

3. The female who presides or has authority over a manor or a family.

1. Pertaining to a woman, or to women, or to females; as the female sex.

2. soft; tender; delicate.

[Note: All definitions are from Webster's 1828 dictionary.]

For His glory, for our good,

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