Sunday, May 27, 2018

Easy Personalized Chocolates

What do you do when you leave delicious chocolate in your hot car??

Well, it doesn't matter whether your chocolates have melted already (like mine) or not. It's super easy to melt down chocolate and make "your own" delicious and personalized treats! It just happens to also be an answer to the opening question. :)


Dark chocolate candies
A microwave-safe glass bowl
Peanut butter
Nut chopper
Wax paper


I started with about two bags of these Dove dark chocolates. I love their classic not-too-sweet-but-sweet-enough taste, but of course you can use whatever cocoa percentage you like the best!

Making sure all the foil wrapping was removed, I dropped about 1/2 of the bag (15 or so candies) into the glass bowl at a time. I had three batches, each destined for a different flavor combo.

I microwaved the chocolates for 30 second intervals, checking between each blast to make sure the chocolate was not burning. Three times did it for me.

The chocolates were plenty melted when they looked dark and wet, and I used a spoon to mix it up. *On my peanut butter batch, this is when I added a generous spoonful of peanut butter (adjust to taste) and microwaved it for 10-15 seconds. I was very careful, because peanut butter can burn easily.

I added either crushed pretzels, chopped almonds, or chopped peanuts (to the peanut butter batch), and stirred them in until coated. 

Finally, I dropped small spoonfuls of chocolate in piles on the wax paper. After sprinkling on a tiny pinch of salt, I popped them in the fridge to harden. Easy peasy!

With almost two bags of chocolates, I made about 55 chocolate drops. I think it ended up being a one-to-one ratio, meaning that for each chocolate I unwrapped, I made one drop. Give-or-take.
As long as the additions are not perishable, these chocolates should store just like any other chocolates.


I made three simple varieties: crushed pretzels, chopped almonds, and chopped peanuts with peanut
butter. Of course, I used Dove's dark chocolate, but you can try darker chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate to suit your taste. Here are some other ideas that I've had, and I'm sure you can find tons of other ideas out there!

Crushed candy canes
Cookie crumbs (I've considered vanilla wafers, chocolate chip, and ginger cookies.)
Shredded coconut
Chopped nuts (I love pistachio with chocolate! Or try pecans, walnuts, whatever is your favorite nut!)
Dried fruit (Think cranberries or blueberries. Yum.)
Coffee beans
Caramel layers
Pureed fruit (Pumpkin? Strawberry? I don't know, I haven't figured it out yet.)

Check out the candy aisle at the grocery store for more inspiration!

Eating yummy chocolate,

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