Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Closet Purge 2017

The time has come.

Every time I open my closet doors, I stand face to face with a dreaded choice.

What do I wear?

The choices are so many, how can I possibly choose?

Clothes cram together. There is no room for more.

Clean laundry sits in a basket, yet to be put away.

So many clothes, so little inspiration.

... I think it's time to do something about it.

Lately I've been enjoying our "Modesty Talk Monday" series here on this blog, and as I've been more conscious about choosing outfits that I can share in the future, I've noticed that I've been having a hard time picking what to wear. I had too many clothes and I spent several minutes too many standing in my closet staring at all my options and hoping something would jump out and inspire me.

I genuinely had a hard time picking out what to wear everyday because I had too many options. I found myself always giving up on trying to wear something nicer and reverting to the same two or three t-shirts. Then I decided it was time for a purge.

Now let me explains really quickly, 90% of my wardrobe is handed down to me by friends and family. I rarely buy new clothing, and so just about everything that I was purging was free in one way or another. Also, everything I purged I plan to donate to a thrift store so that other girls can enjoy what I never wore. Now that this disclaimer is over, let us continue on to the purge!

I had quite a fair amount of clothes. I was having a hard time fitting them all into my closet, and even worse, I hardly wore anything that I owned. When I was at school, I wore much more of them, but always changed into a t-shirt once classes were over because they were so uncomfortable.

To start the purge, I took everything out of my closet. I went through my whole wardrobe this way since I keep all of my clothes in my closet. I took all the clothes off hangers and out of my baskets and threw them in a big pile on the floor.

For many people who purge their wardrobes, this is where they experience the "shock factor". I did not experience shock since the magnitude of my clothing is not that great, as you can see. Instead, I experienced the "I don't want to hang all that back up, now I'm committed" factor. It was very effective!

Now, the key to the next step is to work very quickly. Pick up each item one at a time and ask "yes" or "no". Make two piles of the clothes, one for the "yes" and one for the "no". Don't over think it, otherwise you'll keep all of the clothes and get rid of almost nothing! Do this quickly and honestly, decided if you really ever would wear it again, if it didn't fit well, if you would actually ever fix those missing buttons, or whatever questions are appropriate. 

I ended up with about half of my wardrobe in the "no" pile. These clothes I honestly didn't like, would never use, or didn't fit well. *Quick note: Nothing in this pile is too gross or not nice enough to give away. They are nice clothes, and I want other girls to enjoy them to their full potential, which I know I never could with these items!

The other half was in my "yes" pile. I love these clothes, they are comfortable, they fit well, and I find myself wearing them often.

Next, I separated all of my "yes" clothes into separate piles to make putting them away a little easier. 

Then I got to put them all away!

Here is a cool trick that my Dad did to my closet. If your closet is pretty small and has deep sides, you can make a mini walk-in closet by installing these wire shelves in the sides. They hold up quite a lot of weight and hangers work very well with them, not to mention you can store things on top of the shelves as well as hang clothes from the bottom. Try it out, it works well!

I was actually doing laundry when I took these pictures, so not all of my clothes were in here, but most of them were. But I am so thrilled with my closet now and love to pick from my favorite clothes every day!


Okay, before I close this post I want to mention one more thing. I don't know about anyone else who purges their wardrobe, but I experienced some separation anxiety from all those clothes I was ready to give away. I found that the best way to deal with this was to put everything from the "no" pile in a bag and leave it in my room for a few days. There is no rush to take them to the thrift store, and if I decide that something in there is worth keeping, I can get back in and take it out. But until then, I keep seeing this big black bag and I'm getting more and more sick of seeing it, so pretty soon it will all go away with no regrets.

But now I'm enjoying a much smaller wardrobe full of clothing that I am guaranteed to love. I hope that you've enjoyed this post, I'll talk to you again soon!

In Christ,

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