Monday, June 26, 2017

It's Not Just for Kids - Modesty Talk Monday

Growing up, modest dressing was definitely stressed not only in my church, but also in my house. I grew up with a lot of positive influences when it comes to modesty and had a lot of girls to look up to. It seemed to be everywhere and I never forgot it.

I never really loved anything about dressing up when I was younger. It was never appealing to me to wear nice clothes or be fancy in any way. I was a very active child and dressing up meant hindering activity. 

Recently I've discovered that modesty isn't really "dressing up". It is more like "covering up". And I've also discovered that covering up doesn't have to be annoying or drab. 

It has taken me longer to realize these things than the girls around me. About a year ago, I finally got it and started getting excited about modesty. However, now these girls who stressed it so much are adults, and so many of them lost their passion for modesty. 

It really made me sad to see so many of these girls stop posting on their blogs or even encourage modesty in any way. Some even went the opposite way and don't dress modestly now that they are adults.

Convictions about dress may differ from person to person, but there is one thing that I know to be true. As an adult, I need to be a good example and testimony to the next generations under me in the way that I dress. It is not just a thing for teen girls to do, it is very important for adults as well!

If young girls are being taught to dress modestly, how much more of a responsibility is laid on our shoulders to give them an example to follow? If we truly mean what we teach them, lets live it ourselves.

These are just a few thoughts that have been going over in my head the last few weeks. As you may have noticed by now, the blog has changed a bit in design. Many good changes are in the making and I am very excited to begin a new aspect of this ministry! 

In Christ,

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