Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Operation: Choir Tour

Hello once again!

So, as you have read before on my recent posts, these past few months have been very busy. Well, now I will almost disappear completely for yet another month.

For the month of May, I will be traveling with my school choir on our tour. I will not have internet until the end of the month when I make it back home after tour. So just so you know where I have gone and what I am doing in life, I can sum it up in one word.


Tour starts tomorrow morning, so I've got to go get packing before we leave. Please pray for me as I tour and pray that all of the members of the choir will stay healthy and well, and also that we would all keep our focus right on Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and support, I'll talk to you again either at the end of this month or in early June!

In Christ,


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