Sunday, March 19, 2017

It is all over now!

Ah, back to school.

That time has come again, and it has certainly come too soon. We just came home for Spring Break, and now we are leaving again.

Time, where did you go?


I wish that I could just stay home and continue to enjoy fellowship with family and friends, minister in the church, relax from projects and papers and tests....

But life goes on.

It never really slows down, does it?

I do wish that I could stay, but that would not accomplish much. Unfortunately I did not get to blog like I had planned because of all that happened over this break, so we will see how this month wraps up in regards to blog posts.

I do have a few prayer requests. If you think about it at all this Monday (the 20th), we will be making the thirteen hour drive back up to school. Please pray that we will drive safely and readjust back to college life quickly.

Until I talk to you again, farewell!

In Christ,

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