Thursday, January 5, 2017

Charcoal Portrait of a Little Girl and Some Prayer Requests

Hello again!

I've finally finished it! This is the big project that I kept talking about! I drew a portrait of a little girl from church. Actually, I was asked to draw two portraits, and this is just one. So be prepared for another portrait to pop up pretty soon!

I made a video of the drawing process that you can enjoy watching. I know that the quality of the video isn't very good, but trust me in that the portrait looked a lot better in real life.

You can watch the video here:

Also, this is my last day before I head back to school tomorrow. I am both sad and excited. Sad that I have to leave home once again, but excited in that I can get back into a schedule and can finish my Junior year of college! I am almost done with school and we'll see where the Lord will take me next on my journey.

Unfortunately, this also may mean that my blogging will diminish greatly. I hope that it doesn't happen, I love to blog and I will try to manage my time well so I can fit it in. I do have a busy semester lined up for me, though. In February we have Bible Conference, and the Junior class has a fundraising dinner to host in the middle of that week that I am greatly involved in. We have a fun chapel to run this semester and we have to plan and host banquet for the senior class. Then after the end of the semester and graduation we have a three week long choir tour in May and part of June. If you think about it at all this semester, keep me and my class in your prayers. We will be quite the busy bunch of college students!

I do have a few more requests that you can pray for me:

  • Pray that the drive back up to school will go well (we are expecting some bad weather!)
  • Pray that I will adjust back to school schedules very quickly and painlessly
  • Pray that I will manage my time well and use it wisely
  • Pray that I do not procrastinate in my work
  • Pray that I will learn much about God and be a good witness for Him
  • Pray that I will have wisdom in planning what I will do in the future

Thank you all for your prayers and support! I hope that you enjoyed the picture and I hope to see you all again really soon! I love you all!

In Christ,

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