Thursday, January 26, 2017

Book Review - "Let's All Be Brave" by Annie F. Downs

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I finished reading this book on the 24th, and I would really like to share my opinions on it.

This book is called "Let's All Be Brave - Living Life with Everything You Have" and it is written by Annie F. Downs. Overall, it was a very good book in my opinion. The age level that it seems most appropriate for is teen or young adult girls. It is an inspirational Christian book that addresses bravery in everyday Christian life.

Annie F. Downs shares many stories of her own experience in being brave. She talks about her moving from Georgia to Nashville and the adjustments that she had to make, being a missionary in Scotland, her experience with singleness, and many other things. She also tells stories of other people that she has come in contact with through various ways and shares how they had to be brave.

She addresses the different ways that bravery can manifest itself in different people and tells what parts of your life can be used for bravery. Some examples that she shares are your decisions in saying yes or no, your talents, your interests, at your home, or even around the world.

The chapter that I personally most enjoyed was the one entitled "Jesus." She speaks of her relationship with Jesus and how she has matured over the years to the point that she is now with her understanding of Him. She shares her insights and views of Him that are very thought provoking and cause you to realize an aspect of Jesus that many don't usually see.

The reading of this book was enjoyable. It is written in a more laid-back, casual style that makes it light and easy reading, perfect for when you've had your nose stuck in heavy and deep theology books for weeks. The wording is easy to understand yet challenges the reader in the content.

The only issues that I had with this books is that I don't appreciate the quotation of the Message Bible throughout the book. I have read many other books from the same author and I know that it is her style to quote from the Message, but personally I don't prefer it.

Also, I suggest that if you choose to read this book, be careful not to respond emotionally. It is also this author's style to write in a very emotional outlook and the readers must be careful to check their feelings when they read it. Just a small word of warning for you.

The last thing that I noticed is that in a few places (not very many), she seemed to say one thing and then say another. Perhaps she felt that she didn't say it quite right the first time so she tried to explain a little better the second. I do appreciate that she did that, because some of the first times she tried to explain something came across as something that was almost undoctrinal, but again, she did fix that with the second explanation to my knowledge.

Overall, I did enjoy this book, but I do hope that you heed those three warnings if you read this book. As with all books from any author, we must always understand that since they are human, they are not immune to mistakes. This is something that we must remember when we read any book that is not the Word of God.

Thank you, Annie F. Downs, for writing this book and challenging me personally.

Happy reading, everyone!

In Christ,

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