Monday, January 2, 2017

100 Things To Do In 2017

Well, are you bored of 2017 yet? Don't know what to do with your new year? Or maybe you want to pick up a new hobby or find some ideas for your extra time (if anyone even has extra time!). Well, I've made a list of 100 different things that you can do and maybe it will help inspire you.

If you haven't noticed yet, I love lists. They are so much fun! I hope that you find this one helpful and maybe even stimulating. Feel free to take any of the suggestions or leave them if they are just not for you.

100 Things To Do In 2017

1. Learn how to sketch.
2. Learn how to draw caricatures.
3. Learn how to draw cartoons.
4. Learn how to draw realism.
5. Try painting.
6. Learn how to draw cute little doodles for your planner.
7. Start an art journal.
8. Fill a sketchbook.

9. Read the Bible all the way through.
10. Read the books of the Bible in chronological order.
11. Start a prayer journal.
12. Support a missionary.
13. Visit a missionary.
14. Be a missionary.
15. Start a personal Bible study.
16. Teach Sunday School.
17. Memorize a book of the Bible.
18. Host a home group Bible study.
19. Host a missions conference.
20. Tithe.

Blogging/Social Media
21. Start a blog. (Seriously, consider it! There are not enough good blogs out there! And if you     already have one, comment down below and let me know! I can't find any!)
22. Start a series on your blog.
23. Redesign your blog.
24. Make videos.

25. Start a business.
26. Start a savings account.

27. Pick up crafting.
28. Make a scrapbook.
29. Make your own jewelry.
30. Make cards.

31. Learn how to cook.
32. Learn how to bake.
33. Learn how to use spices.
34. Grow your own food in a garden.

35. Change your style.
36. Learn how to be thrifty.
37. Find clothing at thrift stores.
38. Donate to thrift stores (purge your unneeded/unused things!).
39. Learn how to wear makeup.

Fiber Arts
40. Learn to sew/quilt.
41. Learn to crochet.
42. Learn to knit.
43. Learn to cross-stitch.

44. Learn a new language.
45. Learn sign language.
46. Take a speech class.
47. Practice tongue twisters.
48. Learn how to speak in different accents.
49. Try voice impressions.

Interior Design
50. Change the furniture layout in your room.
51. Revamp some old furniture.
52. Give your room a makeover.

53. Learn the piano.
54. Learn the guitar.
55. Learn the violin (or any other instrument your heart desires!)
56. Learn how to sing.
57. Join the choir at your church.
58. Learn how to sing harmony.
59. Write your own music.
60. Make your own CD with your own original songs.

61. Practice organization.
62. Start a planner/bullet journal.
63. Organize and restyle your planner.
64. Design your own filler pages.
65. Organize your music playlists.
66. Plan an awesome ladies Christmas party (and start now!)

Pet Care
67. Get a pet.
68. Teach your pet a new trick.
69. Learn how to groom your pet.

70. Learn how to take good pictures.
71. Have photo shoots of unusual objects in your house.

72. Read a book in one day.
73. Read one book every week (about 52 books!).
74. Read a genre that you haven't or are not used to.
75. Write reviews on the books that you read this year.
76. Make your own fancy bookmarks.

77. Pick up a sport.
78. Learn archery.
79. Take up walking.
80. Take up running.
81. Learn ballet.
82. Learn gymnastics.
83. Learn how to ice-skate.
84. Try skiing.
85. Try surfing.
86. Learn how to skateboard (maybe not so much if you are older...)
87. Learn rock climbing.
88. Go hiking.
89. Go camping.

90. Write a diary/journal.
91. Write a novel.
92. Write a collection of short stories.
93. Write in a genre that you haven't written in before.
94. Write letters.
95. Learn calligraphy.
96. Practice and master your handwriting.
97. Learn or improve your cursive.

Most importantly...
98. Rejoice always.
99. Pray continually.
100. In everything give thanks.

And that's all! I hope that maybe this sparked a new idea or interest, this list was a lot of fun to make. Thanks for reading and I'll see you again real soon if the Lord wills!

In Christ,

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