Friday, July 22, 2016

There and Back Again

SURPRISE! Guess who's back?

So for the last two years I've been struggling with a very bad habit of starting new blogs, YouTube channels, and everything under the sun, but deleting them after about two weeks. I've grown to become very tired of it.

I found out the other day that this blog still exists. I thought I had deleted it, but here it is! So I've decided to come back and for the first time in my life, finish what I started.
I'm excited to be back, and I pray that this time I stay for good. I've had two years of "vacation", and I think I've matured a bit in that time.

My content will be drastically different from before, but not in a bad way. I have grown up, and my knowledge of God and His Word has grown very much, especially since I've attended Bible school. I have new hobbies and a new perspective on life. My goal is no longer to entertain you, but to glorify God with the gifts that He's given me. I pray that as we continue on this journey together, we will grow in our knowledge and love of God and edify one another with His help.

I hope that somehow I can encourage and minister to you through this blog and that maybe it will lighten your day. There is great joy that comes with serving the Lord, and I have a lot of fun doing it. I hope that His joy is contagious and spreads like a terrible virus to all of you who read my random posts. Above all, I pray that God is glorified in whatever I do.

I'm not trying to make myself look good or superficial. I do talk about God a lot, but that's who I really am in real life. God is my life, I want to talk about Him. It's just the natural thing to do. Without Him, my life is nothing. He has redeemed me and set me free from the bondage of sin and has given me the ability to come before His throne in all boldness because of Christ's work on the cross, what's not to talk about?

But I also have been given a life to live, full of opportunities to glorify Him in whatever I do. I want to take advantage of all those opportunities to do just that, even in the little things of life. That is what life is consisted of - the little things, the everyday things that we rarely think about.

Now here's what I want you to do for me:
Please pray for me as I strive to know Him more. I mess up like no one else, and I'm not proud of my sin patterns. I'm not faithful to Him, but thank God that He's always faithful to me! I want to live to please Him, so please pray that my attention won't be caught up on things that don't matter. All those lesser things are appealing, but are so empty in the end. They can bring no satisfaction, but serving Christ can.

God bless you all, and thank you for always being there to support me. It really means a lot to me.

In Christ,

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