Friday, November 29, 2013


2 Timothy 2:22
Now flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.
 This morning I woke up and realized that God was calling me. He was calling me to flee, to flee my lustful desires. I can't hide my sin anymore, God saw it. He knew it was there. It was separating me from Him, as it had for so long.
He revealed to me just how wrong it really is. My heart is in pain, for finally seeing the truth that sin hurts God. It breaks His heart to see me disobey Him.
I've asked Him for so many things, to bless me, to bless my family, to give me wisdom, yet was I even pursuing or even desiring it? No. I was not.
In my immaturity I continued on my way in sin. My life was getting ugly, and I could feel that something was wrong. I let my head get filled with evil things, and I took no steps to purge them from my heart. They settled there. They were dwelling in my heart.
Let me tell you this: Get your life right with God. There is no room for both Jesus and sin to live in your heart. There is a constant battle between them, and it physically, mentally, and spiritually hurts. It's painful.
Let. Him. Win.
Never, never, never let sin rule your life. I am still young, yet I've seen already that sin and lust cannot satisfy your soul. It feels good for a while, but when you wake up to reality you can see how foolish and terrible it really is.
Flee. Run for your life. It will enslave you, and only God can save you.
Call out to Him. He will save you, if you let Him.
When He pulls you back, don't let go. Just hold on to Him. Constantly read His Word, chase after righteousness. Pursue holiness.
Never. Look. Back.
The sins of your past is forever forgiven if you just ask. Jesus washed them in His blood. They are forgotten in God's eyes.
Now you forget.
Forget, but do not repeat it. If you let your mind dwell in the past, how can you live in the present? Just let it go. Completely. God still loves you, and He overwhelms you with blessings, you just have to wake up from your nightmares and see where He's taken you.
Every new day is a blessing. Use it for His glory. Flee from evil desires. You are a new creation, made in the likeness of the living Holy God. Pursue righteousness.
Please, my dear readers, do not lust. Do not sin.
Lord, please help me to pursue righteousness. Help me to flee from my lustful desires. I know that I've been doing wrong, I've felt it in my heart. Please forgive me for going astray, and please win this battle within my heart. I want to feel your holy presence again. Please help me to do my part, to stay in Your Word every day, to constantly be filling my thoughts with You. Thank You for helping me see where my path was taking me before I came to complete disaster. Your timing is always perfect, Lord, and even though I may not understand You, I still thank You for saving me at just the right time. Your plan is always perfect, please help me to pursue You so that I can do Your will.
Thank You, Lord, for giving me new life. Thank You for convicting me. Please show my readers and peers the errors of sin. Help them to get their life right, so that we all can effectively serve You better, in a more perfect way. I love You, Lord, and thank You for loving me so much more than I can ever comprehend.
To God be the Glory for ever and ever. Amen.

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Violet said...

How true that is Megan! It is so easy to either continue in our sin or wallow in rememberence of past sins. Isn't it so amazing how the Lord wants to rid us of both! I, too, have been struggling to shed sinful habits and to remember God's grace when I slip up. Thanks so much for this reminder, it really helped me! GOd bless you my dear sister in Christ!
From, Violet <3