Saturday, August 24, 2013

Time to Refresh

First off, yes, I'm still alive. Second, thank you so much, all my dear readers for your prayers! I believe that this "break" from blogging has really helped me to meditate and figure out what next to do in my life.

I think I need a refresh button. I'm ready to start all new, so I'm going to put together a new blog. I'm letting you know in advance so you won't panic whenever you look up this blog and won't find it. Yes, sadly, I think I need to erase this one and create a whole new blog...... *sniff.... tears....*

Thank you all for being so amazing and encouraging to me, and I'll let you know my new blog address when it's ready!

Goodbye, my dear old blog..... it's been fun, but I need a new, clean start.....

I'm praying for you, my dear followers.

Have a blessed weekend!


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