Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pretty in Pink

Yay! Another (two days late) Sunday outfit post!

I love how pretty a simple outfit can be, don't you? This is one of my favorite shirts that I recently bought. I can wear it in both casual and formal-ish atmospheres, and it's very modest and comfortable. The skirt is a handed down one from Abby (the best kinds!). The shoes I am wearing I have had for only a few years now, they're the newest ones I have.

My hair is still extremely soft and shiny from my overnight conditioner experiment. Now how long has it been...... over a week so far?

I love this hair piece!!! I was shopping at Hobby Lobby (best store EVER!!) with Abby for vital pieces of the quilt I am making. We ventured into the on-sale jewelry section and I not only saw this, but I also saw the clip that it is now glued onto!

My necklace and earrings I bought at JC Penny's. They were on sale and they were just too amazing to resist! They add just the right spice to a simple outfit, and I rarely get to enjoy wearing them.
I hope you enjoyed my post!
God Bless!


Rachel said...

Very pretty, Megan!!!

Love and hugs!

Violet said...

Wow, I LOVE that outfit! So pretty and feminine! :D Also, your sister Abby's guest blog post is now up at http://rejoiceinthelordalwaysrejoice.blogspot.co.nz/2013/06/sunshine-behind-storm-1-testimony-by.html Thank you so much for sharing, it really challenged me and helped me to see how the Lord teaches us so much even in the hardest times!

God bless!
Your sister in Christ,
Violet :)