Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Describe Him: Incredible, Just, King


Think more than just a super powered being. Think of it more as an unlimited God, in control of every little piece of creation. Every little breath you take, every step you take; He knows and is in control of it all. He even knows the "little, harmless" thoughts we often think. Does He, or can He, overlook anything? Would He? No. And He'll bug you forever until you get things right with Him. Trust me, I know this from experience. He'll never give up on you! Isn't that Incredible?


Again, it is dictionary time. Do you actually know what just means?

guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairness: We hope to be just in our understanding of such difficult situations.
done or made according to principle; equitable; proper: a just reply.
based on right; rightful; lawful: a just claim.
in keeping with truth or fact; true; correct: a just analysis.
given or awarded rightly; deserved, as a sentence, punishment, or reward: a just penalty.
AMEN! What a definition!
You can't have a country without someone in control, someone running it. That's the way that Christ should be with your heart. Think of it as a kingdom, with God as the king ruling it. Or you can think of your heart and body as a temple, where the Holy King lives.
How would it look to you if you saw a king living in a dumpy street corner with graffiti painted on walls and trash thrown around everywhere?
TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY, IT'S GOD'S HOUSE! Be a good testimony for your KING!
God Bless!

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Rachel said...

Great thoughts, Megan! Thank you for sharing!

God bless!